Dr Pesavento

Dr. Patricia Pesavento

Dr. Patricia Pesavento received her PhD from Harvard University, and her DVM and residency training were completed at UC Davis. She has been on faculty at the School of Veterinary Medicine since 2006, first (2006-2008) in a clinical position, and since 2008 as a research based faculty. She has a large red dog Milo, one slightly reluctant housecat named Random, and a long string of fostered pets.

Terza BrostoffTerza Brostoff

Terza Brostoff completed her B.A. in integrative biology at UC Berkeley, and then came to UC Davis as a dual degree DVM/PhD student. Her research interests lie in infectious disease and host-pathogen interactions. In her (occasional) spare time she enjoys hiking with her scruffy dog, singing, and traveling.

Dr ChurchDr. Molly Church

Dr. Molly Church received her B.A., B.S., and M.S. from UC Santa Cruz, obtained her veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and completed her residency in veterinary anatomic pathology at UC Davis. Her research interests focus on wildlife pathology and include infectious disease and environmental toxicology. She shares her home with her husband, J.R., who is ever tolerant of her avoidance of the world outside academia, her wild daughter Violet, and two semi-feral cats Jack and Sweet pea.

Florante Dela Cruz, Jr.

Florante N. Dela Cruz, Jr.

Florante N. Dela Cruz, Jr. received his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering at UC Davis. He functions as part lab manager, lead technician and semi-student. He enjoys free stuff, pizza, milksteak, carnivorous plants, cats and computers.

Hongwei Liu

Hongwei Liu

Hongwei Liu received her M.Sc from China. She has been working in the field of molecular biology, virology, and immunology for the past 20 years.

Kevin Zhu

Kevin Zhu

Kevin Zhu is an undergraduate researcher studying Microbiology at UC Berkeley. He enjoys research in the lab for it's hands-on approach to the numerous concepts in biology. He has a sweet, but slightly overweight cat named Maru.